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Fierce Diva - Our Sexy Women's line
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Bionic Thong Poker Brief Mens Pleather enhancing Brief Shooter Thong - Men's Noose Thong New Enhancer Thong - Men's Enhancer Ring Thong
Bionic Thong • 39.50 Poker Brief • 39.00 Slammer Brief • 39.00 New Enhancer • 39.00
Men's Enhancing Thong Men's 'C' Ring Noose Brief Men's Maximizer Ring 'c' Brief Men's Enhancing Thong
Rope Thong - Men's Enhancing Jock Hitman Brief Shooter Thong - Men's Noose Thong
Rope Thong • 37.00 Hitamn Brief • 39.00 Shooter • 39.00
Men's Enhancing Jock Men's Wraparond Brief Men's Noose Thong
Harpoon Thong Mens Fetish thong Buckeroo Thong - Men's C Ring Thong Engorger-Thong mens C Thong
Harpoon Thong • 37.00 Buckeroo Thong • 36.00 Engorger Thong . 42.00
Men's 'C' Ring Thong Men's 'C' Ring Thong Men's 'C' Ring Belt Thong
Moccasin Brief - Men's C Ring Brief Basilisk Brief - Men's C Slider Brief Hammer Thong - Men's C Ring Thong
Moccasin Brief • 39.00 Basilisk Brief • 39.00 Hammer Thong • 39.00
Men's 'C' ring Brief Men's C Slider Brief Men's 'C' Ring Thong

As you can see, we’ve taken our signature style and designed a stunning line of erotic and irresistible pleather underwear. We have been manufacturing an extensive line of men's fantasy and fetish wear in our signature custom pleather manufactured to the highest specifications. It looks like leather but has an incredible stretch quality enabling it to hug and cling to your every curve. We offer an extensive assortment of styles making it possible for all our customers to find at least one piece that will suit their taste.